Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buckhorn Green Chile Cheeseburger

The real deal Green Chile Cheeseburger from Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, New Mexico--winner of Bobby Flay's throwdown!

I searched the web, but couldn't find the recipe, though the ingredients are listed in the above-linked article. The beef is seasoned with granulated garlic, then cooked to perfection and topped with green chile (of course!), American cheese, lettuce, pickles, chopped red onions, tomatoes, and mustard.

Guess I'll either have to duplicate the recipe or go to Manny's Buckhorn Tavern for a green chile cheeseburger. I'm guessing it would be totally worth the trip.

As owner Bob Olguin says of his world-famous green chile cheeseburger, "The green chile cheeseburger should taste like going to heaven..."